Leipzig Festival of Lights 2020 – take part at home

On 9 October 1989 around 70,000 people took to the streets in the East German city of Leipzig, despite the threat of a command to shoot. With candles in their hands, they peacefully demanded more freedom and democracy in the GDR – a decisive catalyst for the start of the Peaceful Revolution that finally led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. With the call "Wir sind das Volk" [We are the People] and "No Violence", people gathered to march across the Leipzig inner-city ring road.

The dramatic events of Autumn of 1989 encourage people even today. The remembrance of those days is kept alive by the citizens of Leipzig in many ways, in particular, the commemoration of the 9th of October. On this day, the focus will be on the Prayer for Peace and the Speech on Democracy at St. Nicholas Church, as well as on the Leipzig Festival of Lights at Augustusplatz.



Leipzig Festival of Lights 2020 – take part at home

This year on 9 October everything will be different – Due to corona pandemic the Leipzig Festival of Lights cannot take place in the usual way with many thousands of visitors.

However, to commemorate and celebrate together, even without being there, the organizers developed new ways of collective remembrance. Stay at home but also take part – this is the main idea in 2020.

Take part in this year’s Leipzig Festival of Lights – prior to the festival as a sponsor of candles and on 9 October via live stream! You are also invited to place a candle or tea light on your window sill.

9 October at a glance:
5 pm Prayer for Peace, St. Nicholas Church (Participation only by invitation)
6:15 pm Speech on Democracy, St. Nicholas Church (Participation only by invitation)
7 pm Leipzig Festival of Lights, St. Nicholas churchyard (Participation only by invitation)

Live stream of all main events on 9 October: from 5 pm

All main events on 9 October – Prayer for Peace, Speech on Democracy and Leipzig Festival of Lights will be broadcasted live from 5 pm on Leipzig Fernsehen channel and can be followed via live stream on this website. All events will be accompanied by sign language interpreters.

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